Strategy to achieve the Program Objective

bullet Design & delivery of courses that provide maximum flexibility to choose their own career path by opting either CA, ACCA, CIMA, CFA, IBP & International credit transfer

bullet Main features of the program design are:

- University foundation courses to broaden knowledge base and improve skills & competencies
- Rigorous set of core subjects for specializing either in Accounting, Finance or both
- A broad set of Electives drawn from the IBA undergraduate curriculum
- Intensive use of the technology to equip the graduates with the latest analytical tools & techniques
- Research courses in both Accounting & Finance
- Personal effectiveness and development courses to help groom a well rounded personality
- Internships & attachments specific to the career path to be made part of the transcript.

Preparatory Work Done

bullet Course outlines, contents, sequencing, Pre-requisites, course objectives & outcomes developed in close consultation with all the major professional bodies

bullet ICAP, for the first time in their history, have agreed to grant exemptions up to Module D for those who successfully complete this undergraduate degree

bullet IBP has waived off appearances at all three levels of examinations and replaced it with only ONE comprehensive examination

bullet ACCA Exemption: ACCA has granted exemption in NINE examinations (F1 to F9)

bullet CFA does not grant, as a principle, any exemptions but close mapping has been done in Finance courses, that facilitate qualifying CFA examinations