Strategy to achieve the Program Objective

To design & deliver courses that provide maximum flexibility to students giving various career path i.e. to opt either for further study with professional bodies, or to go for MBA, or provide International credit transfers.

Main features of the program design are:

  • University foundation courses to broaden knowledge base and improve skills & competencies
  • Rigorous set of core subjects for specializing both in Accounting and Finance
  • A broad set of Electives drawn from the IBA undergraduate curriculum
  • Intensive use of the technology to equip the graduates with the latest analytical tools & techniques
  • Non specialization courses to broaden knowledge and soft skills
  • Emphasis on personality grooming, communication and presentation skills
  • Internships to provide practical experience

BSAF program is designed in a manner that:

  • Course outlines, contents, sequencing, pre-requisites, course objectives & outcomes are aligned with the major professional bodies
  • ICAP, for the first time in their history, have agreed to grant exemptions for those who successfully complete this undergraduate degree
  • ACCA Exemption: ACCA has granted exemption in NINE examinations (F1 to F9
  • IBP and CIMA provides generous exemptions to ACF graduates
  • CFA does not grant any exemption as a principle, but finance courses are aligned with CFA that facilitate completion of CFA examinations. Many students appear in CFA level 1 during their stay at IBA.