Muhammad Hassan – The first ACF graduate to successfully clear all CA exams

With its exceptional faculty and well-designed curriculum, IBA’s BS Accounting & Finance degree provides a solid foundation for students like me who aim to delve into professional certifications like Chartered Accountancy (CA). In addition to an emphasis on personal grooming and development of managerial skills, the undergrad degree also made me well versed with the technical aspects of courses, which I later experienced firsthand when I found myself on par with other peers of CA background. IBA cultivates both accounting and financial expertise through this bi-major degree, opening up a lot of avenues for its students.

After the degree, I pursued CA because it is one of the most esteemed professions and the pinnacle of certifications in accountancy field. Training at EY Ford Rhodes’ assurance department provided me with valuable competencies of not only the conduct of an audit, but an insight into day-to-day operations of a business. Being auditors, we get exposure to a wide range of industries and access to the highest levels of a company’s hierarchy – an opportunity one rarely gets in any other profession. Moreover, association with a global firm like EY enhances your career prospects immensely.

Managing studies with a demanding job is where one’s mettle is actually tested, but with appropriate planning and the right attitude, striking a balance between the two is achievable. I was able to clear all 8 exams of CFAP and MSA level in three attempts within the 3-year training period through perseverance and guidance from seniors. It takes not only months of dedication, but a positive mindset and a ‘never give up’ attitude to rise from any setbacks on the way. I am grateful to the Almighty, my parents, IBA and CA faculty and colleagues for helping me steer through this challenge with flying colors. At the end of it all, the sacrifices and hard work really pay off when you see the initials “ACA” written next to your name.

(Muhammad Hassan)